Revised website!

Acorn Naturalists has recently updated their website. The following questions and answers offer more details:

1. Can I order from either site? Yes, both sites have the same pricing and products, although the new site has improved images, product magnifiers, an incredibly powerful search engine, streamlined navigation, fast one-page checkout, instant product sorting (group, alphabet, price, age, etc), and many more new, helpful features.

2. Why is the old site still available? So that if needed, it is easy to pull up the details of any of your past orders.

3. Do I need to set up a new account on the new site? Yes – the new site is written in a new, faster, more powerful and highly secure computer language, but because of this, the data on the old site isn’t compatible (transferable).

4. How often do you make a major platform change like this? The last time was two decades ago! This time we created a 100% custom site which we can can now continuously update and improve without changing platforms.

5. Is the new site mobile responsive? Yes. This is one of the many reasons we upgraded the site. The website will change size and shape to fit your device.

6. What if I am on the new site and want for some reason to go back to the old site? A link to the old site can be found in the lower right corner of every page on the new site.

7. What if I discover a problem on the new website? Please let us know! We have been working hard on this site for over a year and have conducted extensive testing before going live. If, however, we missed something or you would like to suggest improvements, please contact us.

8. Why does the new site have a dash between “acorn” and “naturalists”? In order to keep both sites running at the same time (for the reasons above), the new site, has a slightly different URL address.

9. I have used Acorn products for many years and would like to share my experiences. Can I easily do this on the new site? Yes, please! On every product page there is a link to share your ideas and experiences. Only your first name will appear, but other educators will then be able to benefit from your experience and knowledge.

10. Is the company itself the same? Yes, Acorn Naturalists is still directed by the same educators who founded the company over three decades ago. Our staff have been with us for years and are very familiar with our product lines. We look forward to maintaining our reputation for responsive, well informed, and personalized customer service.